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NEW! Chef Yuliana Das – Stained “Glass” Painting on Fondant

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March 10 (Sat)
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Chef Yuliana Das, famous for her artistic talent in Jelly Art in Indonesia will be conducting a 1 day only hands-on class on the art of creating a beautiful edible masterpiece. Chef Yuliana will share with you the intricate techniques on how to paint with ease on fondant cakes using readily available tools. No special tools required!

Method of Instruction



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NEW! Chef Yuliana Das – Stained “Glass” Painting on Fondant (Mar)

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Fee: $188

Method of instruction: Hands-on

Cuisine: Baking – Decoration

Difficulty Level: Basic to Intermediate

*1st in Singapore and Exclusive to Creative Culinaire the School


What to expect:

  • Painting techniques for fondant cake


Fees include:

Ingredients for the class

Tools used in class

Recipes for items learnt