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Local Delights: Traditional Baked Mooncakes

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27 September, 2017 (Wed)
1:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Presenting the all-time favourite – traditional baked mooncakes. A must have during the annual Mooncake Festival. Delight your family and friends this Mooncake Festival with this traditional favourite. Join us today!

Method of Instruction

Baking - Sweets

Who's Attending

18 people are attending Local Delights: Traditional Baked Mooncakes

  • Anne Ng
  • Charlene Yapp
  • Thi Huyen Nguyen
  • Mui Hong Ling
  • Lim Geraldine
  • Wee Hong, Jodie Puah
  • Violet Chee
  • swee cheng lim
  • Kyi Kyi Hla
  • Ivy Chiang
  • Jasmine Tham
  • Teck Ai Chia
  • Sara Fong


Out of stock!Local Delights: Traditional Baked Mooncakes

What to expect:

  • Recipe and Hands-on Traditional Baked Mooncake
  • Recipe and Hands-on Teochew Thousand Layer Flaky Yam Mooncake
    • “home-made” Yam filling
  • Bonus demo: syrup and lotus paste


Fees include:

Ingredients for the class

Recipes for items learnt