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Fundamentals of Artisan Bread Making Course (Foundation) SkillsFuture Approved Course (CRS-N-0034883) AF-1201

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22,23,29,30 Dec 2018 (Weekend)
1:30 pm - 6:30 pm
$100 - $408
Join Chef Judy and her team as they shares with you the fundamentals and skills of baking Artisan breads – with in-depth understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of Artisan Bread making including Sourdough Bread. In this course, you will learn both theoretical and practical skills, with plenty of hands-on practice to hone your skills.

Method of Instruction

Baking - Bread


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**It is highly recommended for participants of this class to attend our foundation bread making course to obtain basic knowledge of bread making (participants will be assumed to have basic knowledge of bread making)


What to expect:

  • Pre-weighed Ingredients for the class and recipe for all items learnt
  • Hands-on class. Explore and understand the theoretical and practical aspects of Artisan Bread making including Sourdough Bread.
  • Introduction to Artisan breads and brief history
  • Understand the technical terms and concepts: baker’s percentage, protein level, ash level, falling numbers, farinograph, farinograph, Moisture level, friction factor, Maillard reaction
  • Exploring the key characteristics of ingredients (flours, water, pH, yeast, enriching ingredients)
  • Building a sourdough starter and rye sourdough starter using wild yeast
  • Traditional scoring and shaping breads, and maintaining the starter
  • Common misconceptions, myths and truths about building and maintaining the sourdough starter
  • Enhancing the flavor using traditional methods for deeper flavor
  • Creating a desired outlook for your breads
  • Waste management
  • Items learnt: Pain Rustique, Brioche, Pain De Campagne, Walnut Cheese sourdough, Rye breads, Fougasse and more!



Fees include: 

Ingredients for the class

Recipes for items learnt