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(9am – 6pm) [2 Day Course] Guest Chef: Chef Belinda Jee: Wedding Cake – WC0530

30, 31 May 2020
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Come and join Chef Belinda for a 2 day hands on wedding cake whom is a professional and mastered cake design and decor!

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[2 Day Course] Guest Chef: Chef Belinda Jee: Wedding Cake - WC0530

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About Chef Belinda Jee

Belinda Jee is an author, cake decorating instructor and cake designer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Belinda has more than 15 years of experience in designer cake business and has been voted Malaysia’s top ten cake specialists in year 2015. Belinda specialises in sculptured and gravity defying cakes and has recently published her book, “Gravity Defying and 3D cakes”. Belinda now focuses on conducting cake decorating classes and is also a fondant cake consultant trainer for a renown chain business. When she is not busy with classes, Belinda commissions cake projects for special events and celebrations.

What to expect:

2 Day Hands-on Masterclass on Wedding Cake

  • Students will be designing in a class a 3-tier wedding cake based on a set of given techniques and guidelines
  • Learn and decorate your customised design individually using a set of 4’’, 6’’ and 8’’ diameter dummy cakes
  • You will learn to decorate based on your chosen designs that may include sugar lace, ribbon insertion, stencilling, creating ruffles, modelling wired sugar paste fantasy flowers and the trending cracked fondant techniques
  • Theory on the methods of preparing real cakes for fondant covering and securely stacking tiered and tall cakes
  • Get tips on cake design sketching, storing and transporting your wedding cakes
  • Pictures are for illustrations purposes. Student will not be working on these exact designs

Fees include:

  • Ingredients for the class
  • Recipes for items learnt
  • Take home finished product
  • Meals



Q: Which cake design will we be doing in class 

– this is a design and decorate class therefore the cake design that you will be doing will be based on a customised design you choose in class.


Q: Will we be learning all of the designs/ techniques shown in the pictures in your advertisement? 

– No. There will be design guidelines and a list of techniques given for the design of your cake.


Q: Does this mean that each student will be completing different designs at the end of the class? 

– Yes, each students completes the class with their own individual design.


Q: How many techniques can we expect to learn? 

– The list of techniques is as shown in the class advertisement. Even though you may not have hands-on learning for some of the techniques (because it is not part of your cake design), you will still be able to observe them from the other students in class.


Q: Can I choose to apply all techniques onto my cake design? 

– cake designing is part of the class module and the instructor will be discussing and advising you on choosing your cake design. Kindly be reminded that this is a 3-tier cake with limited time frame to complete, the design of your cake will need to achieve the overall criteria of a “real case” wedding cake.


Q: How many types of flowers will we learn in class and can we design our cakes with other than flower as topper? 

– we will only be learning one type of flower in class and this will be the only type of topper for all students in this module.