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(130pm – 630pm) Guest Chef: Chef Richard Or – Soft European Bread -SEB0328

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March 28 (Sat)
1:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Come and learn how to bake your own European Bread from Chef Richard!

Method of Instruction

Baking - Bread


Guest Chef Series: Hands on European Breads with Chef Richard Or

What to expect:

  • Blueberry Wild Blue Pea Bread
  • Dragon fruit Cranberry Cream Cheese Bread
  • Bonus Recipe (Demo) Taiwanese Leopard Sandwich Loaf

About Chef Richard:

Chef Richard had accomplished bread and pastry with more than 40 years of hands-on experience ranging from baking of well-loved bread and pastries to development of new products, training and development of staff, systematizing operations and creation of operation manuals to ensure consistency in quality, Central kitchen operations & logistics supply chain, overseeing the set-up of new outlets and assisting the sales and marketing team in product demonstration to clients.
Since 1990, I has been leading teams of at least 7 persons from conceptualization to completion of new products and operations for various organisations and is heavily involved in the Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China bakery industry.

Baking Competition Event

* Nos 5 COUPE LESAFFRE 2018-2019 Judge of Global Baking Competition, China in Guanzhoa November
* 2015 May 13 -14 Judge of Louis Lesaffre Cup Final Competition ( in Shanghai International Expo Centre) v 2015 April 06-16 Judge of Louis Lesaffre Cup International Competition in Africa Mediterranean
* 2009 July 8 Judge of U.S California Raisin Bread Contest
* 2007 Jan 19/20 interview by SZTV Media for finance and economics Programmed