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(130pm – 630pm) 2 Day Hands on Art & Science Series: Intensive Bread and Cake Course

2, 3 April 2020
1:30 pm - 6:30 pm
This course is specially designed for those who are hard pressed for time but are eager to attend the professional course. It is a quick walk through the fundamentals of cake and bread making in the theoretical and practical aspects.

Method of Instruction



what to expect:

  • Theory behind the baking, and the different types of flours and how that affects the texture
  • Functions of ingredients and the effect on the baked products
  • Main categories of cakes
  • Different cake mixing methods and how this affects the taste profile, texture, nutritive value of the various types of cakes.
  • The use of and composition of leavening agents and their differences and effects on the PH levels, taste and texture of the baked products. e.g. soda bicarbonate vs. baking powders. Single vs. double action baking powders
  • Rich dough vs. lean dough for bread making
  • 2 main systems in bread baking: direct vs. indirect methods
  • How to control the heat of the oven, air movement between radiation, conventional and convectional heat
  • How to calculate baker’s percent and specific gravity of the cakes and how that helps in understanding the formulation of different types of cakes