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(9am – 6pm) 2 Day Art and Science: Danish and Croissant Pastries – DCP0330

30, 31 March 2020
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Join Chef Judy and her team as they share with you the art and science of making these classic Danish pastries and croissants. Learn to shape, cut and fill these layered pastries with an assorted variety of fillings. Learn the secret behind what makes a good Danish pastry and the difference between croissant and Danish pastry. Learn how to layer butter or margarine into the dough to create light, crisp and flavourful pastries. Fragrant and eye appealing, these are very popular with the young and old alike and make great items for any café or little bakery.

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7 Excluding Lunch Break & Assessment


20 available
[Non-SkillsFuture Option] 2 Day Art and Science: Danish and Croissant Pastries (SkillsFuture: CRS-N-0040472) - DCP0330

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What to expect:

  • Ingredients will be prepared for you. Recipes for all items learnt will given (and bonus recipes where applicable)
  • Explore the art and science behind the key ingredients in Danish pastries and croissants
  • Shaping techniques
  • Making your detrempe and different methods of incorporating the beurrage
  • Importance of temperature control
  • Conditions to proof your pastry
  • Storing
  • You will learn and have hands-on
    • Danish Pastries – Peach Windmills, Savoury Danish Twists, Tuna Fish Net Puffs, Chocolate Danish Cups
    • Croissants
    • Pain au Chocolate