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(10am – 6pm) 14 Day Professional Bakery Course (Year 2020: 2nd Intake)

13-30 April 2020
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
2020 2nd Intake. 10% early bird discount off (course fee only) for registrations before 31 March 2020. Accredited by Singapore Bakery and Confectionery Trade Association, the course is now available for E2i funding up to 70% if you are a Singaporean Baker working in a bakery or F&B related industry. Contact: info@creativeculinaire.com Course Duration: 14 Days, Monday – Friday (10am-6pm) Since its Inception in 2009, Creative Culinaire’s 14 Day Professional Bakery Course (PBC) by Principal and Executive Chef Judy Koh has attracted…

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14 Days Professional Bakery Course (2020 2nd Intake) with Early Bird Promotion

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2020 2nd Intake. 10% early bird discount off (course fee only) for registrations before 31 March 2020.

Accredited by Singapore Bakery and Confectionery Trade Association, the course is now available for E2i funding up to 70% if you are a Singaporean Baker working in a bakery or F&B related industry.

Contact: info@creativeculinaire.com

Course Duration: 14 Days, Monday – Friday (10am-6pm)

Since its Inception in 2009, Creative Culinaire’s 14 Day Professional Bakery Course (PBC) by Principal and Executive Chef Judy Koh has attracted baking enthusiast internationally through its intensive and comprehensive syllabus where students gain a better insight of the bakery scene and learn in a professional environment using real bakery equipment. During this 14 Day course, you will learn how to bake bread, pastries, cakes and decorate cakes productively, and also learn costing methods to ensure profits. You will have the rare opportunity to have a close insight into our bakery and experience what really goes on in a bakery.

This newly revised course, now accredited by the Singapore Bakery & Confectionary Trade Association (SBCTA), is specially developed to inspire existing bakers to equip them with skills to value add to their employers and build their network, and for those who simply wish to hone their baking skills on a professional level. If you are exploring baking as a career or plan to open you own bakery, this is also the course for you!

Chef Judy Koh, Managing Director, Principal and Executive Chef of Creative Culinaire The School and Caffe Pralet is widely celebrated locally and overseas as a celebrity chef, food columnist, consultant and judge at bakery and culinary competitions. Her passion and forte is in the creation and development of Asian and Western recipes, and in research and comparative studies on food. Chef Judy has also been engaged as a consultant for local and overseas organisations for product research and development.

Chef Judy Koh has over two decades of professional baking and cooking experience, working in established hotels both locally and overseas, and have trained in top global institutes including the Culinary Institute of America, LeNôtre, San Francisco Baking Institute, and US Wheat Associates. Chef Judy Koh has received many accolades, including being a recipient of the World Guinness Book of Records for the Tallest Chocolate Sculpture, Singapore Book of Records for the Biggest Birthday Cake, Tallest Christmas Tree of Cupcakes, Longest Swissroll, and Largest Logo of Cupcakes.

Chef Judy Koh has also been featured countless times and is a regular contributor to local and overseas food publications, and is the author of several books such as “Recipes from the Heart”, “Delightful Cakes”, “Baking with Judy” and “Pockets of Happiness”, which showcases her talent as a poet.

Topics Covered

Bakery Management

Bakery Equipment needed. Heart to heart talk from Chef Judy on the challenges, joys and tribulations of setting up a bakery. Selection of staff and managing them. Buying, receiving and storage of ingredients. Tips of the trade.

Waste Management

How do you produce profitable items from left over building blocks and unsold items? E.g. mousse truffles,cookies, bread pudding and rum balls. What items can be frozen and what cannot?

Math Calculations

In depth concept of baker’s percentage and its importance in the production process, recipe modification and formulation.

Health and Safety, Nutrition and Food Allergy

The importance of clean practices in the kitchen, health concerns

Nutrition and Food Allergy

The importance of creating healthy alternatives to meet the demands of today’s customers.

The importance of Mis En Place

What are the necessary “building blocks” needed in a bakery? When you have these items ready, filling up the shelves in a bakery is not a problem as you can pull out these items and assemble them into delicious products to be sold.

Building blocks that will be covered during the course:

  1. Bread Baking

Principles of bread making. Learn the art and science of bread making; how to obtain maximum flavour in the bread. Also learn how to offer a variety of choices to your customers from a set of master recipes. Get workable recipes for commercial use, buns, loaves, crusty breads and healthy breads. Use of Retarder Proofer and how that helps to ease production.

  1. Cake Baking

Preparation of cakes and nut meringues as a base for a variety of cakes. Make roulades, sugar rolls and variety of fillings – Fruit fillings, nut fillings & chiboust.

  • Cakes produced: Fresh apple cake, Banana chocolate cake, Truffle, Pear and chocolate gateau, Claire fointaine. Chocolate Truffle mousse mini cake with Grand Marnier sabayon. Plain Loaf cakes and small cakes
  • How to slice and present your products
  • Substitutions for ingredients e.g. what can you do to replace yoghurt if you do not have the ingredient in stock?
  1. Cake Decoration

Ornamental and Abstract, arrangement of fruits and chocolate on cakes, marzipan work. Techniques of piping, glazing and practical chocolate work (e.g. chocolate artwork for production and chocolate cigarettes). Decoration of children’s birthday cakes and cakes for special occasions. Learn how to prepare and plan your decoration work in advance.

  1. Pastry

Puff pastries – Quick puff pastries and its uses Pies and tarts – Prune Tarts, Kiwi Tarts, Harlequin tarts, Chocolate tarts, Apple Crumble Master cookie recipe and with nut, chocolate and fruit variations. Choux pastry

Practical & Theory Examination

The purpose of this exam is to give students the confidence to create their own cakes and pastries, and bread for their own shops from the principles that have been taught during the course. Students will be required to produce a cake, pastry, bread. Prior to the exam, ample time will be given for discussion with the chefs on hand and the composition of the recipe.

A Certificate is awarded to students who pass the Examination

Course Requirements

Prospective Students

Students attending this Course should have at least attended Creative Culinaire’s Foundation Bakery Course (Cake & Bread) or a similar course in another bakery school. Interested students with relevant experience who have not attended such courses are subject to an Entrance Test prior to the commencement of the Course.

PBC Alumnus

Past graduates of Creative Culinaire’s 14-day Professional Bakery Course who are keen on receiving a new Certificate of Completion bearing SBCTA’s accreditation will have to pay a fee of S$500 and re-sit a theory and practical Examination.

Application Process

Kindly be informed that confirmation of classes is based on registration with full payment received, on a first come first serve basis (maximum number per intake: 16 students). Once we have received your payment, you will receive an application form via email. Complete this form and submit the following documents for processing:

  1. Application Form
  1. 1 passport size photo 

Alternatively, you can submit the above documents by mail or in person to:

Subject: 14-day Professional Bakery Course

Creative Culinaire The School Pte Ltd

17 Eng Hoon Street, #01-03

Eng Hoon Mansions, Singapore 169767


  1. Full payment for Course Fee has to be made at least 2 weeks prior to class commencement.
  2. Payment can made by cash, NETS or cheque payable to “Creative Culinaire The School Pte Ltd”.


White Chefs’ Jacket, apron and comfortable closed toes shoes suitable for kitchen wear. Chef Jackets can be purchased from Creative Culinaire if required (kindly indicate on Application Form).

Testimonials from students

“Very engaging sessions with the chef instructor with lots of practical baking. A lot of eye opening insights into the baking world with plenty of heart to heart sharing from Chef Judy”

Philip Teo, Singapore

“Through the course, I’ve managed to understand baking, (both theory and practical) in depth and the course has provided me the opportunity to develop new idea base on what has been taught. I felt that I’ve built up the confidence and need not rely on recipe book for different/ specialty baking products. The instructor was very willing in sharing info on her experience in the industry. This gives us more insight about the bakery industry.”

Dawn Khoo, Singapore

“Excellent course, gathered knowledge, Chef Judy gives detailed information and very approachable.

Yojana Pasupuleti Owner of Bakery and Chocolate Shop Hydirabad A. P. India

“The course was excellent. This is one in a millionth experience that I got from the 14 days professional baking course. It is because in 14 days we made many types of cakes, bread, cookies. I also got more tips and practical work on the decoration sessions. I like it!”

Abd Manan bin A. Rahaman Chef from Malaysia Cocoa Board, Malaysia

“We were introduced to many things inside the baking industry. Even though the course is only 14 days but it has given enough confidence to kick start something in mind. Course is very suitable for those who want to venture in this line.”

Edward Tan, Director Industri Makanan Enakria Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

“In addition to notes & recipes, there are numerous experiences sharing in which are invaluable and can never be picked up from textbooks. In addition to recipes, there are hands on experiences on commercial equipment. All staff and instructor are clear, concise and approachable. I especially appreciate the generosity and willingness to share experiences of the instructor. I did not expect the instructor to be so open and generous in sharing her knowledge.”

Ding Pei Pei, Singapore

“The course was intensive enough and stimulating. A real work environment, explanation of theories was clear and not druggy or boring. Chef Judy used different methods to make students understand the techniques and concepts. We were given written and oral explanations.”

Encarnita Galang, Pastry Chef from Philippines

“It is an eye-opening course for bakers who wants to open a bakery. Besides baking, Chef Judy also shares her personal experience and life lessons gained in the business that is not measurable by money.”

Ellinda Joe, Singapore