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People are at the heart of our business

Principal and Executive Chef Judy Koh

Chef Judy Koh, Managing Director, Principal and Executive Chef of Creative Culinaire The School and Caffe Pralet is widely celebrated locally and overseas as a celebrity chef, food columnist, consultant and judge at bakery and culinary competitions. Her passion and forte is in the creation and development of Asian and Western recipes, and in research and comparative studies on food. Chef Judy has also been engaged as a consultant for local and overseas organisations for product research and development.

Chef Judy Koh has over two decades of professional baking and cooking experience, working in established hotels both locally and overseas, and have trained in top global institutes including the Culinary Institute of America, LeNôtre, San Francisco Baking Institute, and US Wheat Associates. Chef Judy Koh has received many accolades, including being a recipient of the World Guinness Book of Records for the Tallest Chocolate Sculpture, Singapore Book of Records for the Biggest Birthday Cake, Tallest Christmas Tree of Cupcakes, Longest Swissroll, and Largest Logo of Cupcakes.

Chef Judy Koh has also been featured countless times and is a regular contributor to local and overseas food publications, and is the author of several books such as “Recipes from the Heart”, “Delightful Cakes”, “Baking with Judy” and “Pockets of Happiness”, which showcases her talent as a poet.

Chef Judy Koh has been a mentor, advisor and friend to the many students that have graduated from Creative Culinaire the school. She is also deeply passionate about making a difference to the community, and actively engages in local and overseas projects for the underprivileged.

Timothy Chia, Head Chef Caffe Pralet

Starting at a tender age of 9, Timothy has always been fascinated and charmed by the kitchen. Helming the kitchen at Caffe Pralet, Timothy exemplifies innovation while being proud of his Asian roots. Timothy is also a recipient of the World Guinness Book of Record for the Tallest Chocolate Sculpture.

Timothy aspires to give a fresh twist to favourites by incorporating local classics flavours in stunning dishes—the all time favourites include the Ha-cheong-kai Burger, Hei-bi Pasta, Satay Chicken Chop, and Hua Tiao Vongole. Timothy is known to the customers as a chef that seeks perfection, and someone who strives to exceed expectations.

Chef Alvin Lim, Instructor & Production Lead

With over 5 years as a instructor training students who are embarking on a career into the culinary scene, Chef Alvin is known to his students as a jovial and engaging instructor. Ask Chef Alvin for his reasons for entering the industry, and you will be met with a pleasant response “because i love to eat sweets”!. Chef Alvin is a pastry chef by training and have worked in a production role in hotels and bakeries, and as an instructor in a training institute in Malaysia, Chef Alvin is no stranger to sharing the secrets and joys of baking with his students, and strongly believes in the power of education in changing lives.

Rosalind Ho, Admin Manager

A familiar face among our students, her warm smile would greet you as you walk into Creative Culinaire the School. Rosalind handles the day-to-day administrative demands of Creative Culinaire and Caffe Pralet. Known for her calm demeanour and a meticulous eye for detail, Rosalind is the first touch point for our students – providing information to student enquiries, processing registration, purchasing of items and troubleshooting.

Resident Guest Chefs

Guest Chef -
Bäckermeister Thomas Biesewig

Coming from a long line of master bakers, Bäckermeister Thomas Biesewig has more than 30 years of baking experience under his belt, is a highly respected chef in the baking industry and has headed many notable bakeries and judged at multiple national competitions. Calling Singapore his “second home”, Bäckermeister Biesewig is a familiar face with our students, and stops by Singapore to conduct masterclasses throughout the year. Bäckermeister Biesewig now heads the bakery of a prestigious airline in Abu Dhabi.

Guest Chef -
Chef Winnie Goh

Chef Winnie Goh is currently the Executive Pastry Chef at Meritus Mandarin. Friendly, approachable and sincere, Chef Winnie is most willing to share the tricks of the trade with her students. With over 30 years of working experience, Chef Winnie has worked in many hotels, both local and overseas (Hong Kong, Germany and Switzerland), most notably Shangri-La, Inter-Continental Hotel, Pan Pacific Hotel. Chef Winnie conducts masterclasses at Creative Culinaire regularly, sharing her insights to the latest trends and original creations.

Guest Chef -
Gelato Specialist Chef Manuel Minelli

Chef Manuel Minelli is a respected chef and gelato specialist in the industry with more than 15 years of knowledge on Asian markets and working with multinational companies for their distributor setup in the area and the development of their sales. Chef Manuel is the Director of Gelato Specialist, which is a leading provider of gelato ingredients and equipment distributor in Singapore. With his in-depth technical knowledge in gelato making, Chef Minelli conducts our 3 Day Professional Gelato Course at Creative Culinaire the School.

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